Winslow Homer’s painting above titled, Huntsman & Hounds shows a young man taking a moment to rest while surveying his hunting grounds. A rifle rests on his shoulder and a whitetail pelt is draped across it and his shoulder. In his right hand he holds a  trophy 10 point set of antlers. To either side of the huntsman are two large hounds leaping in excitement of the hunt. 

I have been to Homer’s haunts at the private Northwoods Club in the Adirondack Mountains many times with my good friend George Lee, seen in this painting The Surveyor,  who is a club member.  To date I have completed 41 oils and watercolors of the Northwoods Club and in doing so have spent much time hiking the property. It is obvious to anyone that has spent even a little time at the Northwoods Club that this scene was located on the side of Beaver Mountain, seen in the background. Beaver Mountain appeared in numerous paintings by this great American artist in the late 1800’s.

After speaking to a Winslow Homer historian speaking at a symposium on Homer at Syracuse University, (2009) no one knew of any sculpture ever created by Homer.

The clay makette seen below (not completed at the time photographed) was inspired by the painting and pays homage to Homer.  The clay makette will be sent to the foundry in Loveland, Colorado to create the molds and then cast in bronze. The first bronzes in the edition will be delivered summer - 2015.

Huntsman & Hounds

Bronze will be mounted on approximately 12” round

green Tino marble and walnut base with a built in turntable.

Overall height with base approximately 20” high 

Bronze - Edition 50  -  Contact for pricing

Note to the Collector

Specific bronzes are sometimes immediately available from the gallery but if cast

especially for you it takes between 3 - 4 months for delivery.

Huntsman & Hounds - Winslow Homer - 1892

oil / canvas  -  Philadelphia Museum Art

Huntsman & Hounds